Nolev Ltd.

  • 25 years quality

    Company "Nolev" started its activity in 1992 as a factory for processing of meat and meat products. The company headquarters is located in Southern Bulgaria - Haskovo.

    For all these years of work priorities are investing in modern technological facilities, highly qualified staff and strict internal control of production.

    Completely renovated factory buildings and equipment allow for a wide range of meat products with extremely high quality veal, beef and pork:
       » Perishable sausages;
       » Durable boiled-smoked sausages;
       » Raw smoked sausages;
       » Hams and boiled-smoked delicacies;
       » Minced meat and semis;
       » Raw products.

    Production of the company is carried out under the statutory regulations and requirements of the EU and the Bulgarian legislation. The company has developed and implemented a system of food safety HACCP and GMP (good manufacturing practices)

    Consistently develop and expand logistics network with own transport, as our clients are shops, catering establishments, restaurants, hotels.

    This work in 2010 opened our new logistics base. Built on an area of 3000 square meters and equipped with modern refrigerated, it allows for the development of our business increase our assortment of chicken, fish and dairy products.

    A wide range of products that the company maintains and fair treatment of all clients helps us to be a preferred partner of many hotels and restaurants in the Bulgarian ski and summer resorts. To this end we offer two branding "NOLEV" and "TRAPEZNA" that help us to be flexible and to serve as best the requirements of our clients.

    In 2013 the company participated in the 20th International Specialized Exhibition "Meatmania 2013", where he was awarded three gold medals and a diploma from the contest - "Tasting of consumers."